In France, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase your product.
Can I unsubscribe? You can unsubscribe from the e-newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of each newsletter and clicking “unsubscribe”. Can I buy seslihuzun products and sell them in my store? Please visit our website at Can I place an order online and pick it up in store? We do not currently offer in-store pickup for online purchases. All items purchased online must be delivered to the customer’s valid address. Where can I find the list of ingredients for your products? You can find a list of ingredients by scrolling down the product page and clicking on the “Full Specifications” tab. My toy has a strong odor. Is the composition of the material reduced? Is it because it is made of plastic, pectin? This stuff has depth. But why? Some materials will react when stored on other toys or in contact with other toys. It can be described as “so melting” or “repair”. This rarely happens, in which case we recommend storing it in a separate box or case.
When will I receive my order? We will process your delivery within one month
. Orders will be shipped as soon as possible. The delivery time is chosen by you at the time of shipment verification according to your location. You can track your order by accessing your order menu and using the International Receipt Confirmation Number. Tracking your order
What is the tracking sent in the shipping charges?
Your shipping charges will be automatically calculated at checkout based on your location and shipping method. This does not include shipping costs.
Packaged shipping?
Yes, we do! We package in unmarked envelopes or boxes. We do not ship envelopes or items with our logo on them. You ship your materials to you ship to
countries do you ship your products to? The focus is on shipping your continental shipments to Canada and the United States, but we also recommend that if we have any questions about shipping to South America, Europe and Africa, we will contact you via
any additional charges to contact you to reach you.
For French residents, no taxes are charged at checkout, which means that your state does not have to pay taxes on your
taxable orders
Sales We are unable to provide exact results of any purchase for you and our products.
We are also unable to accept or exchange merchandise due to the end result of our products. This is for our health and safety. If you do not receive the correct product, or if you have any problems receiving it, please contact our customer service team so that we can work together to resolve the issue. You can contact us by phone or email at 02 99 40 36 23 or [email protected]
What if there is a problem with my product?
If you believe your product is defective, please send a detailed email to [email protected] and we will help you resolve the problem. Please use the order number, name and email address used to place your order so that we can process it as soon as possible.
Greater than the address I sent to for processing. Can I buy it for me? All of these include sizing information. Customers will be evaluated on the suitability of the product for them prior to purchase.